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Enjoy your meal!


Every morning you can find a wide variety of tasty bakery products and fresh handcrafted pastries: you can enjoy cakes, croissants and delicious pastries prepared daily, as well as puddings, cream, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio filled croissants and chocolate, pineapple, walnut and apple cakes.

There will be an assortment of local products associated with the cooking traditions of our city, such as raviole and rice cakes.

Even savoury lovers will be satisfied, thanks to the abundant selection of cheese, toast, several types of bread, breadsticks, quiches, omelettes, crackers and our platters of cold cuts, with the unmissable traditional Bolognese mortadella.

For us, the seasonality of the products is of the utmost importance, so you will always find new, freshly prepared, seasonal dishes.

Fresh seasonal fruit, both dried and canned, are always present on our banquet tables, as well as fruit salads and assorted yoghurts (flavours: fruit, natural). Taste our different types of jam and honey, and make your breakfast richer with our wide choice of cereals!

Relax and enjoy our rich variety of fine teas and fresh fruit and vegetable juices; you will find orange, pineapple, ACE and tomato juice.

Let yourself be pampered by our staff, who will serve you excellent drinks at the table, from cappuccino to the typical Italian espresso, without forgetting freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit and hot dishes: omelettes, scrambled, fried, boiled or soft-boiled eggs, in accordance with your personal tastes.

If you want to have a more flavourful breakfast, you can add to your plate a sprinkling of spices, such as curry, oregano, paprika, mustard and ginger powder.

Discover also our corner dedicated to biological and gluten-free products, where you will find jams, rice wafers, biological apple juices, biscuits, muesli, all gluten free.

If you prefer the intimate and discreet atmosphere of your room, you can ask for room service and enjoy your breakfast in the comfort of your room.